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Quality Control

Quality Assurance is a very important component to Centre Concrete Northeast LLCs' commitment to exceeding the customer's expectations. Every production location is staffed with ACI Certified Concrete Technicians that perform testing in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications to assure quality. Our production facilities and our QC Technicians are also certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. By expanding our quality management system into process control we assure the quality of the raw material components used in our production. These procedures are also extended to the calibration and maintenance of all of our batching and testing equipment.

The Quality Assurance staff is very knowledgeable regarding concrete mix designs, cementitious materials and chemical admixtures. Our mixes are designed and tested thoroughly to yield optimum performance. Custom mixes requiring unusual performance characteristics are available upon request. Our staff participates on ACI, NRMCA, PACA and ASTM technical committees assuring that Centre Concrete Northeast LLC is at the forefront of current technical standards.

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